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Dome Zone

Upload’s Geodesic Dome will host a stage and full PA for the rising stars of Ireland. Whether you’re an up and coming band, solo singer or comedian, our open mic area will give breakthrough acts the chance to shine - the focal point of the venue and the centre of creativity the Dome will be an outstanding attraction and a hub of talent.

Edgy in its design and alternative in its aesthetic the Dome presents the perfect platform to celebrate your message with Upload attendees. You can sign up here to take part on the day!

  • You must be available on October 13th or 14th for performance.
  • Performance at the event is at the discretion of the event organisers. If an act is not seen to comply with the regulations of the event the performance will be omitted.
  • Sound checks, where applicable, will be conducted on Friday the 12th of October. If your performance requires a sound check it is imperative that you attend. Sound check times will be arranged prior to the event.
  • All acts must report to the front desk and event production team before 9:30am on the day of their performance.
  • All instruments have to be supplied by the acts themselves. Upload will provide sufficient PA equipment for your performance, however if there are any specific requirements to your performance please inform us.
  • Storage of instruments can be provided however Upload does not take responsibility for personal possessions.
  • Social media promotion of the event through your own platforms is expected.
  • A ticket must be purchased to gain entry to the event.
  • The minimum age for performers is 16. You may be asked for proof of ID so please bring some.
  • Promotional material in the form of pop-up banners, flyers, business cards can be displayed and distributed at the event in designated areas only. Anything outside of these examples will require permission from the event production team so any material not listed above must be cleared for display prior to the event.
  • There will be strict access to any backstage areas for acts only. These areas will be used for storage only and are not intended as green room facilities.