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Charlie Wynne is the founder of the IAF (I’m A Friend) campaign. Set up initially to raise awareness on the issue of bullying and to provide comfort and support to victims of bullying the core principles of IAF are as follows:

1. I do not agree with bullying behaviour.
2. I do not accept that it is ok for others to bully me.
3. I will support the victims of bullying in whatever way I can.

I’m A Friend gives a voice to the victims of bullying and communicates a clear message that any form of harassment or bullying is wrong. The initiative is also based upon creating a greater awareness and understanding of the impact of bullying, it aims to establish the appropriate standard of behaviour and to encourage people to become aware of the needs of others in order to establish and strengthen a caring environment which involves looking out for anyone who may be subjected to bullying and harassment in whatever form it may take. The ‘I’m A Friend’ Campaign will be at Upload to support and advise anyone who may wish to seek advice or learn more about this wonderful initiative. You can also visit the IAF campaign below for more info.

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