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Graham Day
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Graham’s highly skilled repertoire of experience in cyber security can only be described as nothing short of awe inducing. Having held numerous professional positions within the world of online safety, his dedication to the cause resulted in Graham becoming the author of 'Security in the Digital World: For the Home User, Parent, Consumer & Home Office'. Graham describes the book as “a personal project to assist family and friends in navigating the digital world safely, which escalated into a low tech, plain speak manuscript, that was subsequently published by ITGovernance Publishing. As the project was developing I realised it was an opportunity to assist all the users in the digital world, mobile users, online purchasers, parents of tech-savvie children and home network users to name a few, who do not have cyber security professionals or technologists available to them, who can guide them in the potential threats or risks of embedding new technologies.”

Referred to by independent cyber and information security professionals as the ‘handbook for living in the digital era’ it is a huge honour to have Graham at Upload where he will be discussing the importance of staying safe online, best practices and the various threats to be mindful of. Graham’s knowledge and expertise in this area will provide a wealth of information for attendees and equip them with the tools to exercise caution online.