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Upload will be welcoming JeromeASF to the Gaming Zone in the RDS, Dublin this November. Coming all the way from the USA, Jerome is a gaming YouTuber who loves providing entertaining content geared towards audiences of all ages. Having began his career in 2011 as co-founder of the incredibly popular Call of Duty and Minecraft channel ‘AwesomeSauceFilms’ he since launched his own channel @JeromeASF and amassed a loyal following of 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

Jerome’s talents lie in his ability to interact with his fans in a way that encourages them to participate in his videos, whether it’s through playing actively with him on servers he joins, or by promoting positive community based conversation in his comment section. Easily able to relate to both a younger demographic, as well as a more mature age range, Jerome has also established himself as a social media personality with over 1 million followers on Instagram and 920k on Twitter. Jerome’s social media success stems from the ability for his audiences to relate to his unique use of his social platforms. Instead of simply using his platforms as a way to promote his own content, Jerome has established close relationships with viewers by making it possible for them to keep contact with him on multiple levels as well as establishing a direct line of communication.

His ability to engage with his audiences during the course of his career has seen him working with some of the biggest brands in the world most notably Microsoft, Sony and Intel. This level of engagement sees him go through extreme lengths to try and find ways to further the gaming community in a positive direction, such as attending events and conventions in London, Washington, California, Boston, Orlando and now Upload, Dublin.

His goals are simple in that he wants to “have as much fun as possible and provide entertaining videos for everyone” whilst also committing himself to shedding a positive light on gaming. By demonstrating how it can be an active part of a person's life and help them enhance life skills, including communicating and working with others, Jerome is setting an incredible example for members of the gaming world. Jerome will be on hand in the Gaming Zone talking all things gaming, social media and life as a YouTuber in general. With meet and greet opportunities throughout the weekend don’t miss the opportunity to see Jerome at Upload, Dublin!

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