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Patrick and Russell of the blogging duo, GastroGays, describe themselves, somewhat modestly, in 3 words; Food, Travel and Eurovision. However 3 words barely begin to do justice to their talents within these spheres! It’s hard to know where to begin with the GastroGays but having started their blog in 2013 they have absolutely thrived! Patrick and Russell will be hosting the cooking demo area of the Lifestyle Zone at Upload where they will demonstrate their skills of developing their own recipes that basically tell the story of their lives in food. Patrick and Russell truly believe that food should delight the taste buds, satisfy hunger and feed the soul; and it is this passion that translates in their blog. Their niche is usually classic recipes with an updated twist or much-loved comforting foods that are brought into the modern day with a signature slant. They are all about comfort, flavour and having your cake and eating it too, whilst always shouting about great Irish produce and cooking from scratch. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to ask questions on the day, whether it’s about the duo’s cooking or travel interests; as having visited some of the most incredible locations in the world the GastroGays have produced travel guides to different destinations filled with food, drink and activity recommendations. As super fans (and subsequently super experts) of the Eurovision Song Contest they also do YouTube videos, write travel guides on the host cities, and share Eurovision related content on their Twitter. They also were part of RTÉ’s digital team for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. It is no surprise that in 2017, through their dedication, content and incredible talent, they won not just Best Blog of the Year but also Best Travel Blog in the V by Very Blog Awards.

Being no strangers to media, social or otherwise, Patrick & Russell are prolific freelance writers too, having worked with numerous media outlets be it lifestyle journalism, PR, and social media management across both radio and TV in BBC and ITV plus lots of other media projects. They wrote a recipe column in Gay Times Magazine for three years and had commissions published in The Irish Times, The Independent, BBC Good Food, Aer Lingus Cara Magazine, FlyBe Flight Time and GNI Magazine to name just a few. On radio they have appeared on RTÉ Radio 1, 2FM, TodayFM and BBC Radio London multiple times and have appeared on TV too, cooking live for the viewers at home. Given the incredible accolades that they have deservingly accumulated over the course of their blogging career Patrick and Russell are offering a unique and extremely covetable opportunity as a prize to one lucky attendee at Upload. Attendees can submit their applications to participate in a ‘Bake Off’ style segment at Upload. Judged by the GastroGays themselves the winner will go on to receive a one hour long social media consultation with Patrick and Russell themselves! This is incredible opportunity to have one on one time with the guys to work on blogging, social media strategy and content development! An absolute must for the aspiring blogger!

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